About Us

About Us

Jebal stone lundustries started its activities in the city of Najaf Abad , located 20 kilometers from the city of Isfahan , in the year 1991 and with the stone brand jebal . 

Over the years , the activity in the field of stone production of this complex has been devoted to the production of various travertine stones ( abbas abad - cream yazd - chocolate ), chinese Aligudarz and salsali , marble .

Jebal stone factory with the use of the experienced forces and using the most advanced of iran's day machinesln a title line , it has specialized in the processing of salsali stone , which has made jebal stone known as salsali , marble brand in Isfahan province . 

from the collection of internal activities of this collection , one can refer to the sale of various marble stones in tehran and the production of marble in Najafabad stone town.

from the collection of export activities as well exports from neighboring countries , sucj as iraq . oman and the united arab emirates , can also be mentioned.


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